Dstv Installations in Cape Town

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                       DSTV INSTALLATIONS IN CAPE TOWN

Welcome to Dstv Cape Installers now!
We are the best Dstv Installation Company  In all Western Cape areas .

The revolution that Multichoice brought to the entertainment industry is a remarkable achievement, and it is with great pride that we assist our clients in bringing the “Magic” into their homes.

Our years of experience in the installation of DSTV ensures you that we can bring the Magic into your own home at an affordable price installed by trained technicians.

You can rest assure that only the highest quality cables and connectors are used, ensuring a quality picture that will last for years to come.

Extra View
Increase the number of TV channels which can be viewed simultaneously in your home without having to pay an additional subscription with XtraView.
XtraView is a cost effective and flexible in that is allows you to link two XtraView capable DStv decoders at a cost of a single subscription, plus a small access fee.


Please see our Packages for more info on the PVRs we have on offer.


We can do a variety of upgrades. The HD PVR Upgrade (R750) is a popular option. Please chat to us about your upgrade needs.

Single View (Decoder Only - DSD 1132 Decoder - R599)

The DSD 1132 is designed specifically for MultiChoice Satellite services and encryption technology. It is a single view decoder offering digital sound connections, video connections via RCA or FR.

Your DSD 1132 has the following functions

  • Digital picture quality
  • Surround sound capable
  • Widescreen capable, Letterbox and cropped
  • Parental control & Integrated TV guide
  • Interactive TV including games
  • tvLink compatible (tvLink not included)
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • XtraView capable

2 x Single View Standard Decoders (R1599)

installed to 2 TV points.

Installation of this includes one satellite dish, 2 x 1132 decoders, Dual HD LNB, 2 X 4 multiswitch, full installation to 2 TV points, as well as activation with Multichoice. Our installation comes with a free 20 metre cable. Cable thereafter charged at R15/m

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